Yuvika Chaudhary evicted from Bigg Boss 9

Yuvika Chaudhary evicted from Bigg Boss 9

This Sunday’s Episode of Bigg Boss 9 have seen elimination of Yuvika Chaudhary from the Bigg Boss House.With Yuvika’s elimination, now there are 11 people remaining in the house.

Yuvika was the first captain of season 9 Bigg Boss House along with Vikas.While Vikas was eliminated last week,followed by Yuvika this week.While she was nominated along with Aman Verma, Rimi Sen, Mandana Karimi and Digangana Suryavanshi, Mandana received the highest number of votes yet again and was considered safe.

Rimi too has been getting a good number of votes which is why she has survived the evictions for the last few weeks.Princewho recently confessed his love for Yuvika on National TV, could barely start his love and Yuvika had to leave.

With Nominations tonight,who do you think will be in nominations for next week ?

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