Will Subbu blame Mrs.Bhalla for tragedy in his life ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ ?

Today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein was so intense where Subbu tries to kill Simmi and Ananya claiming he wants to give the same Pain which he faced with Lakshmi & Karthik’s death.Although Raman’s aunt tells Subbu is the reason why Lakshmi died we hear truth is something else.

Subbu reveals about Raman’s cousin Neha Vanraj whom we never heard in the show earlier.It is already told that Lakshmi died thinking Subbu was cheating on her,if we assume the futher story it can be like Neha was in love with Subbu and shared this to Mrs.Bhalla who never knew it was Subbu .Because if you remember Mrs.Bhalla was the only one who left to London few days to take care Saila.

Shahnaz Rizwan was on leave for somedays around September 2014 to visit her family which is when Makers made the plot look like Mrs.Bhalla going to London.So it is a hint where we can assume Mrs.Bhalla was in London,but it is to be watched what made Subbu think she is responsible.So Subbu wants to kill Simmi to give the same pain to Mrs.Bhalla.

Do catch the highly emotional episode tomorrow.

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