Will Shagun realize her mistake and leave to Australia alone in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ ?

After Shagun leaving the kids alone in danger and Ishita saving them,Shagun will realize her mistake and we hear this might change her opinion towards Ishita and Adi,Ruhi will deny to even address her as mother.Shagun will be heartbroken and realizing her mistake she will decide to leave alone to Australia.

While Ishita will be in critical state and Raman along with Family will be praying for well being of Ishita.While Gossip is that Shagun aka Anita might quit the show or might return back with different track in the show.However there is no confirmation from sources about this and some commented that Anita didn’t put her papers for the show and might be also seen in New shows.

So Will Subbu turn the main Villain in Mohabbatein ? If you ask us,yes he might turn centre of the track to create trouble for Raman & Ishita and also entire Bhalla family.But who is the one in the Bhalla family whom Subbu thinks is the reason for his wife’s death ? If you can guess comment below with your reason.

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