Vasu to conspire & Thapki to lose her voice in ‘Thapki Pyaar Ka’

Vasu to conspire & Thapki to lose her voice in 'Thapki Pyaar Ka'

In coming episodes,Dhruv reminisces about the moments he spent with Thapki. Vasu yells at Priti for offering Shraddha lime juice instead of milk. Later As Vasu checks the tape, she is shocked to learn about Shraddha’s truth. Shraddha tells Vasu that she did those things because Thapki threatened her.

Diwakar tells Aditi that he will distance himself from her. Shraddha and Vasu become upset when Daadi decides to give Thapki the traditional family ring.Bihaan finds it difficult to complete the work given to him by Balwinder.

Vasu plans to mix sindoor in a paan and give it to Thapki, so that she finds it difficult to read the scriptures.When Thapki stops reading the scriptures, Bihaan steps in and reads them. The doctor announces that Thapki has lost her voice and tells her to try harder to speak.

Will Dhruv learn truth about Shraddha and Vasu ?

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