Thapki’s family to get angry on Pandeys in ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki’

Thapki's family to get angry on Pandeys in 'Thapki Pyaar Ki'

Coming episodes Vasu gives Thapki a bell to tie around her neck so she can call for help whenever she wants. Thapki feels extremely humiliated. Bihaan confronts Vasu about the bell.

Thapki tries to tell Bihaan something, but he cannot seem to decipher the signs she makes with her hands. Thapki’s father ,Krishankanth becomes angry when he sees Thapki’s condition and shouts at everyone.

While Vasu suggests Shraddha to go on a date with Dhruv. Poonam and Aditi are shocked to see Thapki in such condition. Suman hides Shraddha’s sandals to teach her a lesson.

How will Thapki reveal Shraddha’s true face ?

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