Swara & Lakshya Intimate photos to shock Family ‘Swaragini’

Swara & Lakshya Intimate photos to shock Family 'Swaragini'

In coming episodes of Swaragini,On Karva Chauth, Ragini asks Swara to keep a fast for Sanskaar to prove that she has no feelings for Lakshya anymore. Later, Lakshya and Ragini have a huge confrontation and Ragini disappears.

During the Karva Chauth puja, intimate photos of Swara and Lakshya reach Durgaprasad and Annapurna. The family is shocked to see this and questions Lakshya and Swara.When Lakshya finds out that Sanskaar kept a fast for Swara, he confronts him about his true feelings for her. Sanskaar gets antagonised and tells Lakshya that he loves Swara.

Sanskaar asks Swara to accept his love for her so that Lakshya can move on in life. Swara is caught in a dilemma. Is this what Ragini wanted all along?

Lakshya doesn’t believe that Ragini has lost her memory for real. He tells Swara that he will prove Ragini’s lie and if he succeeds in doing so, Swara has to accept him in her life.

Will Lakshya prove Ragini’s truth ? Will Swara accept Sanskaar ?

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