Shraddha to snap at Kritika in ‘Meri Bhabhi’

Shraddha to snap at Kritika in 'Meri Bhabhi'

In Star Plus’s Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi…Meri Bhabhi We Had Seen That  Jaya provokes Ashish against his parents.

Anand discusses with Kritika about his new business partnership with Kunal.

Anand decides to drop Dhruv to the school. Ashish informs Anand that he will drop Dhruv, but Jaya stops him.

Jaya exaggerates the scenario and informs Kamini, but Shraddha overhears the conversation.

Now In Upcoming Episodes, In the court, Bobby will accuse Shraddha of having an affair.

Later, Dhruv will meet with an accident in school. Shraddha  will snap at Kritika and will tells her not to act smart.

Kunal and Shraddha will meet Kittu’s brother and sister-in-law.Jaya  will tell Kamini about Kunal and Shraddha’s meeting. The court will finally reprimands Bobby.

But Shraddha will be stunned when Dhruv tell her that he wants to meet Bobby.

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