Is Shehnaaz dreaming of Killing Jalal in ‘Jodha Akbar’ ?

Is Shehnaaz dreaming of Killing Jalal in 'Jodha Akbar' ?

As per the latest gossip in the tellywood of Zee show Jodha Akbar is that Shehnaaz will be dreaming about Killing Jalal whom she thinks that Jalal is responsible of  Chand Begum’s condition.Looks like Sources are tight lipped about this sequence as it turns out to be dream.

Otherside we hear from Inside that Shehnaaz track will be continuing and out of all this Maha Chuchak’s role will be introduced which will add more troubles to Jalal.As mentioned in pervious articles Maha Chuchak will be in hunger of Power and thus she decides to take all the power from Jalal.She will be playing the lead Antagonist in the show.

While Rukkaiya gets to knows that Jodha was behind Jalal’s intention of forgiving her and she misunderstands that Jodha knew that Rukkaiya can’t be pregnant and made things wrong for her.However Jodha too tells how Rukkaiya hurt everyone’s feelings.

In coming episodes We hear Shehnaaz will be the process of finding the culprit’s truth behind her mother’s condition and Maha Chuchak’s entry will add more spice to the show says a Source.

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