Shagun to flee with kids and escape putting in Danger in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’

Coming episodes Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is gearing up for high drama in the show where Shagun is all set to flee with kids with the help of Ashok,she decides to use Simmi’s engagement day as she gets to know Raman planning special moment for Ishita.

Otherside Subbu has otherplans and tells Simmi he is going on urgency work,but we heard from sources that Amit is going to America on personal work and will be off for somedays.So the twist of Subbu will not be revealed so soon.While during the process we hear makers are planning a earthquake sequence where guests and Family will Panic.

Shagun will use this moment by making excuse and takes them away and Ishita senses something wrong and finds Kids Missing.We hear the Promo where Shagun leaving Kids in fire and leaving when Ishita saves them is related to this where due to earthquake,fire accident occurs and Shagun to escape will put the kids at Danger and it will be Ishita who will save them.

We hear Abhishek will help Ishita and Mihika about plan of Shagun to escape to Australia with kids.So will Shagun and Ashok land in Jail.Well only time can answer this.

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