Saras gets late reaching ratnagiri & Kumud gets married

Saras gets late reaching ratnagiri & Kumud gets married

In Upcoming Episodes, Saras will not pay any heed to Kumud’s pleading and will refuse to marry her. Heartbroken Kumud, will disclose this to her family and everyone will be shocked.

Futhur most, Sunny  will make  Saras realise that refusing the marriage for the second time was not the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, at Ratnanagri, Vidyachatur  will decide that Kumud will be married the same day as was fixed earlier and Kumud will support her father’s decision.

Saras, after realising his mistake,will  decide to go to Ratnanagri to marry Kumud. Vidyachatur will announce Kumud’s marriage to Pramad (Buddhidhan Dharmadhikari’s only Son).

Buddhidhan Dharmadhikari is a respectable politician of the area and had wanted to get his son married to Kumud earlier.

Saras in his attempt to reach Ratnanagri will meet all sorts of hurdles.Saras will reache Ratnanagri and will comes to know of Kumud’s marriage. He almost reaches the haveli but will get attacked.

Kumud ,sensing his presence, will get restless. Before getting unconscious, Saras will see Kumud’s maang filled with sindoor.

Saras gets later reaching ratnagiri and kumud gets married.

Do keep up the space for more updates.

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