Ruhi to ask Shagun’s ghost to leave Ishita in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’

Coming episodes Ruhi finds a Gun in her bag which went missing when Ishita picked up and Abhishek is sure that someone from Bhalla House is the owner of Gun.Things go so twisted that Raman will be confused with the events taking place with Ishita and this issue of Gun.

Otherside Ruhi will be effected by the comments about Ishita at school and will decide to talk to her.She comes to Ishita who is possessed by Shagun and tells Shagun to leave Ishita alone and not to possess.Which Anger Shagun and she screams on Ruhi.

Further Raman however stops her and Ruhi feels upset.Soon Family will be shocked when Shagun will be calling on Ishita’s mobile and Sarika will be tensed.As per sources we hear Ashok knew the truth of Sarika and he discussed the same to Shagun before she was leaving to Airport and Shagun later died.

It is to be watched if Ishita was acting all along with Shagun to expose Sarika.However Fans are eagerly waiting to this Ghost Drama to end get their Ishita back to Normal life.How will Ishita expose Sarika ?

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