RK gets Jealous for Madhu ?

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon on Colors, we will see that Padmini slaps Madhu since she lied to her.

In the past episodes we have seen that Madhubala goes missing and happens to meet Sultan and his son. Also RK is curious to know where Madhubala was. In the forthcoming episode of the show, we will see RK waiting for Madhu to return at the chawl.

As soon as Madhu returns home, RK questions her about where she had been and how she was feeling. His tone reflected his overflowing  jealous about her.  Padmini too asks Madhu about the same and she informs them that she was at the shoot.

However RK states Madhu’s absence from the shoot which angers Padmini and slaps Madhu. Further we will see that Madhu reveals the truth, but does not spill out all the details.

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