RK and Madhu’s Marriage in trouble in ‘Madhubala’

RK and Madhu's Marriage in trouble in 'Madhubala'

RK and Madhu Marriage in trouble.

Sultan comes to RK mansion to get Madhu back to her mother , Madhu gets upset hearing this from him.

She tries to explain all that how she loves RK and how she dropped her revenge.

RK who is deeply in love with Madhu seems to see both Sultan and Madhu and Listens to madhu ,for which she planned to take revenge before.

This hurts RK deepky , who planned to marry madhu and start a fresh start in his love life.

Madhu too gets shocked to see RK listening all this.

But RK in anger will be fuming to hear this , but unable to find love in Madhu’s Eyes , which she dropped all her revenge because of RK ‘s love.

Madhu tries to explain him , but all went in vain.

Will RK understand Madhu’s true love for him and Will they get married?

Do keep up the space for more updates.

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