Riya agrees to give Salary to Amma Ji in ‘Mere Angne Mein’

Coming Episodes Ammaji continues her divide and rule system. Kaushalya and her daughters decide to give Riya another chance for Shivam’s sake.

Otherside Ammaji is hopeful about receiving Riya’s first salary & Tells Salary that she will be her slave if Riya didn’t give her salary.Kaushalya will be angry knowing Riya went to her father’s house without asking,while Riya’s father will get a mild heartache remembering his wife and Riya stays next to him to take care.

Later Riya tells the same to family,While the otherside Riya gets her salary and Ammaji decides to get it without her involvement.She forces Kaushalya to ask Riya to give her salary.

While Kaushalya is hesitant and she asks Shivam to convince Riya. Shivam, who is in a dilemma will wonder how to ask Riya but decides to tell her and he asks Riya, who agrees to give her salary.

Will Riya abide to rules set by Ammaji or wills he know her reality ?

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