Ranvi to Send Veera to Delhi for Furthur Studies in ‘Veera’

Ranvi to Send Veera to Delhi for Furthur Studies in 'Veera'

Forthcoming Episodes of Star Plus Show Veera will see the plot where Ranvi decides to send Veera to city for furthur studies.

Ranvi tells Ratan and Chaiji about his decision to send Veera to Delhi for further studies.And they ask him to confirm with Veera too.

Other side Ratan promises Surjeet that she wil repay his loan shortly leaving him furious. Will Surjeet again plot anything against Ratan , is to be watched.

Soon Diwali celebrations arrive and Ranvi and Veera celebrate Diwali with Ratan and Chaiji when they receive the news which leaves the entire family shattered.What can the news be is the suspense in the plot.

And also Veera who is unaware of the fact that Ranvi has decided to send her alone to Delhi. She misunderstands that Ranvi will accompany her too and will Veera agree to go to Delhi,

How will she react upon finding out the truth? Will be be able to go without her brother?

Ranvi too confirms Veera that he won’t be able to study in Delhi with her and someone should be with their mother Ratan.

Is the plot showing us the leap of 15 years ? Well as for the sources, Leap might be of 15 years and Shivin Narang to play Ranvi after leap and Digangana suryavanshi will play the Veera.

Shakti Arora who is mostly known as Onir in Pavitra Ristha a Zee show, will be pairing with Veera as Karan in the show.

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