Raman’s health confusion makes him dream his death,Comic Confusion in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’

As per the current sequence Raman gets allergic reaction and confused it is something big he visits Doctor but it leads to another misunderstanding when he mistakes someother’s reports as his own.

Raman thinking Family will panic knowing he will die soon(when in actual its just Raman misunderstood) he will try to hide the news from all.While further he dreams of his death sequence where it will be a comic scene for viewers.

As per sources the sequence was shot pretty comic like total filmy where Ruhi,Adi and Ishita will be crying but that will make viewers laugh and when the dream breaks Raman will panic how to handle the situation and convey them.Despite of all this Ruhi wants a baby for Ishita and wants to see her family completed.

But Makers are not going to make Ishita and Raman taking their marriage forward until they sort out all issues in family.What will Ishita do when she learns of Raman’s confusion over small allergic reaction.

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