Raman to allow Tantrik in Bhalla House,Big Showdown in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’

Raman to allow Tantrik in Bhalla House,Big Showdown in 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein'

In coming episodes Raman gets suspicious of Ishita’s action after Mihir telling him that he suspects of Shagun’s Ghost as she is not hurting anyone.Raman gets confused and decides to check on her.He behaves to act to Ishita calling her Shagun and acting loved to her.

Ishita gets upset and tells she is Ishita and not Shagun,later she realizes her mistake and soon pretends to be possessed again and acts as Shagun and also sharing drink with him.Raman now gets more suspicious and decides to find the truth.Mrs.Iyer meanwhile gets a Tantrik to Bhalla house to get rid of Shagun.

While Praeekk gets tensed and stops everyone and tells Raman also would not allow this,but to his surprise Raman tells he will allow Tantrik as he also wants to get rid of Shagun and tells family not to get involved and so as Prateek.Ishita with no choice acts as Shagun and tries to scare Tantrik.

But things go wrong when Tantrik ties up Ishita and tortures her,Ishita tells Raman that She is still Shagun and this things are hurting Ishita and not her.Unable to see her in pair Mihika unties Ishita and Ishita now as Shagun will beat the Tantrik and attacks Mrs.Iyer for bringing him to Bhalla House.

Will Ishita be able to hurt her mother ? Will Family believe that she is possessed ?

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