Ragini to get into accident in ‘Swaragini’

Coming episodes Laksh confesses his love for Swara but she denies and tells they can never be together as she can’t break her sister’s heart and at the same time Laksh has to again go against his family.

Heartbroken Laksh first decides to tell Ragini as why he announced her as his fiancee and it is just for Sanskaar.But Sanskaar who is determined to have Ragini next to him hears the conversation of how Ragini was sent with Laksh when he said she was her fiancee,this make Sanskaar think that only Laksh marrying Ragini can make her stay in the house with him.

Sansaar forces family to get Ragini and Laksh Married shocking them.Otherside Ragini gets to know about Laksh not in love with him and wonders if she misheard him and walks in daze and gets in to accident where Swara & Shekar comes to save her.

Will Ragini accept Laksh after knowing he don’t love her ? What will Laksh decid for Sanskaar ?

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