Ragini asks Swara to help to find the culprit in ‘Swaragini’

Ragini asks Swara to help to find the culprit in 'Swaragini'

Coming episodes of Swaragini,Simar exonerates Swara from Ragini’s kidnapping and attack. Later, Swara sees Sanskaar burning the red shawl in the dead of the night and wonders whether he could be the culprit.

Swara investigates the attacks on Ragini. Meanwhile, she is being constantly observed by someone who keeps a track of everything that happens in the house.She decides to find out the reason why Sanskaar burnt the shawl. Later, the cops ask Swara if she has anything to say but she is unable to point fingers at anyone.

Ragini realises that Swara is not the one harming her and asks her to help her find the culprit. Swara reluctantly agrees but finds it hard to believe Ragini completely.

Will Swara find the culprit ? As per sources it is Sanskaar’s sister who is behind all this,But again reason comes why she is behind Ragini’s life.

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