Pathak to be arrested on Murder case,Raman angry with Patahk in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’

Pathak to be arrested on Murder case,Raman angry with Patahk in 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein'

Coming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is filling up audience with more suspense.With Simmi involved with Ashok due to param being cleared.Now Ishita and her team will be confused whom to suspect.As we have earlier informed the next suspicion moves on to Pathak,it is shown Pathak having some personal problems and Raman asks the same.

As per the track,the Rinki’s case which was solved stating Mihika shot her by accident without knowing.Now Abhishek will get new leads in the case where it will be shown that Pathak is involved in Murder and also involved with Ashok.

Despite Pathak’s Denial he gets arrested and Raman too won’t interfere in saving him as its about his Sister.Raman & Ishita will be worried unable to trust that whether it is Pathak or not as he is more like family.However Pathak denies involvment in murder and also denies to disclose his involvment with Ashok.

Ishita tries to find the truth ,while Raman is angry and upset as he is not able to believe Pathak being involved in case but wants to know the truth from him.As per latest promos Ishita and Shagun’s plans will be caught by Ashok.Will Ishita find the real culprit hiding in Bhalla house ?

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