New Sanam to hide in suitcase & learns of Jannat’s truth in ‘Qubool Hai’

Coming episodes of Qubool Hai is all set to keep the viewers hooked to track as Aahil who found Sanam and realizes her memory loss will try all means to get her remember their past and their love.

New Sanam who is suspicious about Aahil’s sudden happiness tries to get to the bottom of things, so much so that she hides herself in one of the suitcases that Aahil is taking to Jannat. What will happen to her as she embarks on this bumpy ride… will she get to the bottom of the truth? If you ask us yes she will learn that Jannat is Sanam.

A source shares that,New Sanam will try to befriend with Jannat/Sanam claiming she loves Aahil lot but that he never turns to her.Aahil who realizes that New Sanam is trying to trick Jannat for not able to remember her past will throw New Sanam out of his room but New Sanam goes to Jannat crying and Jannat supports her telling she will help her in getting closer to Aahil.

Soon with Shashi Kapoor/Fake Misbah being in Bhopal will enter the lives of Aahil & Sanam and we hear New Sanam will help her and also revealing about Tanveer.

How Will Aahil Save his love from Shaad & New Sanam ? Will Tanveer’s daughter’s revenge track start ?

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