More Drama in Star Plus ‘Meri Bhabhi’

More Drama in Star Plus 'Meri Bhabhi'

In Star Plus’s Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi…Meri Bhabhi We Had Seen That Kamini reminds Kritika about her wedding anniversary. Kritika informs Anand about the same. Anand decides celebrating, as it may hurt Shraddha. He sends a message to Kritika, apologising to her, but Dhruv deletes it by mistake. Dhruv asks if Bobby is dead, but Zorawar distracts him.

Amrit tells Shraddha that Dhruv still hopes that Bobby will return. Amrit suggests her to get him enrolled in a school. Kamini complains that the Shergill family forgot Kritika and Anand’s wedding anniversary.

Now In Its upcoming episodes, Kittu and Anand will decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary after Shraddha convinces them. Kamini will decide to throw the party at her place.Shraddha and Anand will go for shopping for a surprise anniversary gift for Kittu.

Kamini will call up Shraddha and asks her not to attend the anniversary party.The family will prepare for the anniversary party when Shraddha tells everyone she does not want to go for the party.

Furthermost, Shergills will decide to cancel the party but Kittu gets Kamini to call Shraddha and convinces her to come for the party.Shraddha will get ready for the party on Kittu’s insistence. Jaya will be unhappy that Shraddha is coming along with them.

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