Mihir,Shagun’s brother plots to take Revenge on Raman in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ ?

Mihir,Shagun's brother plots to take Revenge on Raman in 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein' ?

Twists Twists and Twists,Ekta Kapoor’s serial twists often surprises audience.While Gossip is that Mihir is the one who is behind Mrs Iyer’s accident.Although Cast are tight lipped about the news,we heard from sources that Mihir is Shagun’s brother but he supported Raman when Shagun left with Ashok.

So even Raman has placed Mihir next to him as his own brother,but in actual Mihir is Raman’s in law and Shagun’s brother.Mihir hoped Shagun would return back to Raman one day but as Raman has married Ishita now and also insulted Shagun,he decides to pay back by revenge and does Mrs Iyer’s accident to put the blame on Raman.

But Raman believes it is Parmeet who is behind the accident but Ashok proves that Parmeet was with him which makes Raman’s proof invalid and wonders Ashok along with Parmeet has planned this.

Although there is no official confirmation on this by Cast,our sources from indise informed us about this.Whether if Mihir will be shown as culprit is yet to be watched on screen.

What will be Mihika’s situation now ? Will Raman be able to believe if Mihir is behind this ?

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