Manav gets ready to marry another girl in ‘Chhanchhan’

Manav gets ready to marry another girl in 'Chhanchhan'

Viewers of the Sony TV’s show “Chhanchhan” will witness Umaben (Supriya Pathak) resorting to age old technique of feigning illness to stop getting her son Manav to getting married to Chhanchhan.

Umaben feels that by doing so she will succeed in her plans of separating Manav and Chhachhan.

As expected Manav will start feeling guilty about being responsible for his mother’s condition and will start having second thoughts about marrying Chhanchhan.

Further Umaben will force Manav to say yes to the marriage proposal with the woman of her choice.

The upcoming episodes will further see Himanshu (Dheeraj Miglani), Manav’s close friend and his love interest Simple (Charu Asopsa) trying to find a way out for Manav to marry Chhanchhan whom he loves.

They will think out a method of presenting Chhanchhan as an ideal bride for Manav in front of Umaben and making her agree for their union.

Will Himanshu and Simple succeed in making Umaben relent for accepting Chhachhan?

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