Love Confusion for Saras and Kumud in Saraswatichandra

Love Confusion for Saras and Kumud in Saraswatichandra

The upcoming episode will bring very dilemmatic situation for Kumud (Jennifer Winget) and Saraswati Chandra (Gautam Rode) in SaraswatiChandra on Star Plus.

It is being shown that Kumud’s family has come to know that Saraswati Chandra has rejected the marriage proposal of Kumud.

Apart from this, Kumud has also asked Saras (Saraswatichandra) to stay away from her.

But Kumud and Saras always come closer because of the destiny and situation.

Kumud has also accused Saras that she has lost her parent’s trust because of him.

Kumud blamed Saras for trying to enter in her life inspite of her refusal.

Kumud’s words made Saras upset, Saraswati Chandra also blamed Kumud for stopping him at her house while he wanted to go.

Saras questioned Kumud that when they didn’t have any relationship, why do they care for each other and why they cannot see each other in pain.

Saras will try to make Kumud to realize whether she believes or not but they have already entered in some relationship.

The upcoming episode will show that both Kumud and Saras will start to think about their feelings for each other and will come to know that they cannot live without each other.

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