Is Letter of Chand Begum Trap for Jalal and Jodha in ‘Jodha Akbar’ ?

Will Shehnaaz and Rukkaiya be turmoil for Jalal and Jodha ?

In the upcoming episodes,Jalal gets a sketch artist to get a picture of Chand Begum from the description of a Todar mal. He will be surprised to see the sketch.Now that he discusses the same with Jodha and they both decide to find the truth behind the letter.

Gossip in tellyzone is Shehnaaz might be Jalal’s step sister who will be separated at her childhood and will be some misunderstanding of Jalal being behind all her fate.However Sources are tight-lipped about this as they want to keep the suspense in the show.

Now the Romance is all over in the show and big twists will take place in the show.

Not only this Shehnaaz grows up with a hate for Mughal kingdom and tries to dethrone Jalal.We hear lots of drama will be taken place in the show where Jodha along with Jalal decides to search for Chand Begum and gets trapped in secret closed place.

While Gossip is also that it rather than Chand Begum,the letter might have been sent to Jodha just to trap them and bring them closer to the closed place where Chang Begum is trapped.

Is Maham Behind this ? Or Shehnaaz ? If not Both is there new entry in the show is to be watched ?

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