Kunal To Rescue Shraddha In Meri Bhabhi

Kunal To Rescue Shraddha In Meri Bhabhi

In Coming Episodes,Shraddha will call Bobby to know why he is troubling the Shergill family by his accusations.

But Anand will get furious when Jaya tells the family that Shraddha called Bobby the previous night.

Furthermost,When Kittu picks up Dhruv from his school, Shraddha will snap at Kittu for the first time since Shraddha wasn’t aware that Kittu would be picking Dhruv up.

Jaya will fight the entire family and will declare that Ashish shouldn’t be allowed to accompany Dhruv to his school.

Our Source Further Informed Us That Bobby will trouble Shraddha again when he goes to drop Dhruv to his school.

But Kunal will steps in and will rescue Shraddha.

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