Kunal to fall for Shradda in ‘Meri Bhabhi’

Kunal to fall for Shradda in 'Meri Bhabhi'

Kittu’s brother is has been shradda’s helping hand recently finally falls for her.

However due to the conditions which shradda is facing due to bobby, he steps back norder to not hurt her more.

On other side bobby tries all means to hurt her and shergil family.

Kunal mother starts worrying looking at kunal having feelings for Shradda.

Our source further informed that , Anand  will tell everyone that kittu is right they should give money to bobby and get shraddha’s freedom. Zor will decide to sell his plot but ashish will be against it as its on his name.

Shraddha will feel bad and guity that because of her the family has to face so many problems and finally she will plan to leave the house forever as she does not want her family to suffer.

Will Kunal’s hand will be high in getting back shradda to shergil family ?

Do keep up the space for more updates.


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