Kangana finds bomb explosives in Tilak’s box in ‘Tere Sheher Mein’

Kangana finds bomb explosives in Tilak's box in 'Tere Sheher Mein'

As per the current episodes of Tere Sheher Mein,Rama is asked to complete 36 rounds around the pool lifting Amaya,However Rama gets hurts due to Tilak but still he walks through and completes the Puja.

Amaya tries to apply medicinal balm on Rama’s sore feet. Later, Rama tells his mother that he will never get married again after he divorces Amaya.While otherside Amaya is upset unable to confess her feelings for Rama.

Tilak puts the explosives in a chocolate box in order to give them to Rahul. But Tilak forgets the box at Rama’s house. Kangana finds the box and assumes it to be a gift from Tilak.Kangana decides to give the box, which contains explosives, to the police. Unfortunately, Tilak meets her and convinces her to give the box to him.

Will Tilak’s truth be exposed ? How will Rama and Amaya confess their love ?

While Tere Sheher Mein will air its last episode on 14th November and we hear Tu Mera Hero will be taking the slot moving from 8PM IST to make space for Siya Ke Ram.

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