Jigar to demand divorce from Rashi in ‘Saathiya’

Jigar to demand divorce from Rashi in 'Saathiya'

In Upcoming Episodes os Saathiya , Rashi will try to go for an audition on the pretext of taking her sons to the doctor.

However, when Kokila volunteers to accompany her, she will wonders how she is going to make it to the audition as kokila will not allow her.But However Rashi Will convince Kokila Agree To take Radha with her.

During the audition, a mishap will occur. This results in a major fight between Rashi and Jigar that causes them to become more distant.

Source Inform That Jigar will tell Rashi that he wants a separation from her and demands divorce from her.

Unable to take this, Rashi will wonder how to save her marriage.

Further,Jigar will not allow Rashi feed ‘kheer’ to their sons, during the ‘Anaprashan’ ceremony.

The Modi family is yet to know of Jigar’s decision to separate from Rashi.Radha will get to know that Jigar wants a divorce from Rashi. She will wonder what to do next.

while Gopi will be still unaware that radha is responsible for the rift between Jigar and Rashi.

Will Gopi Bahu save Jigar and Rashi’s marriage?

Do keep up the space for more updates.

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