Jalal to clear his Misunderstanding and Search for Jodha in ‘Jodha Akbar’

Jalal to clear his Misunderstanding and Search for Jodha in 'Jodha Akbar'

In the Upcoming episodes Jalal will blames Jodha for having Affair with another man and asks her to leave Kingdom and return Aamer when Jodha is shell shocked to hear this from him.However she denies to explain him the reason whom she met and decides to Leave.

However sources infrom that she will not go to Aamer but will be staying at Jungle.So Viewers will see that Heartbroken Jalal and Jodha’s seperation.While it won’t last long as Hameeda will let Know Jalal that Jodha was meeting her brother Sujamal and not another man which makes Jalal to realize his mistake.

While some sources informed that Sujamal too will meet Jalal and let know him that he didn’t attack him and how he shared thinks to Jodha.Jalal feels extreme Guilt and this all will be witnessed by Maha Manga.

Further Jalal will leave to Ameer to take Jodha back to Kingdom only to know that she didn’t reach Aamer.And he starts Searching for and they finally meet when he asks her forgiveness and tells her to return back with him.

Will Jodha return with Jalal ? Will all the misunderstandings clear and they get much more closer ?

Do Keep up the space for more updates.


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