Gopi and Kokila team up to save Meera and Vidya in ‘Saathiya’


In coming episodes of Saathiya,Gopi and Kokila will team up to save Meera and Vidya.Otherside Vidya will be stronger wile Meera will be frightened with kidnappers.After Radha’s condition to bring Jigar home,Kokila and Ahem rushes to stop Jigar leaving and they finally succeed.

They tell Jigar about how Radha kidnapped the kids and Jigar rushes to Modi house,now Radha tells Jigar to get ready to marry her and plays a loud music in Modi house telling its her Sangeeth and all are angry as Radha is not ready to release the kids.

But after watching the video in Radha’s mobile,Gopi senses it might be some storage room and also observes Train sound.She guesses that it might be somewhere in railyway station storage room and will rush to find Meera and Vidya,when Kokila joins her to find them.

They both trace out the location and release the kids after heavy drama but the kidnappers who are also women try to stop them but both Kokila and Gopi beat them up and take the kids with them.

Now Radha has no reason to blackmail Jigar and Family,what will Gopi and Kokila do to her ? Is this the comeback of Jigar to Modi house again ?

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