Bala’s Mother to spot Shagun,Bhalla’s Family member involved with Ashok in ‘Yeh hai Mohababtein’

Bala's Mother to spot Shagun,Bhalla's Family member involved with Ashok in 'Yeh hai Mohababtein'
Coming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,It is revealed that Shagun and Ishita are together to save Raman’s life from Ashok.But here comes the twist Ashok is not alone in this as he has someone from Bhalla Family who is supporting him in this deed which made Ishita and Shagun take this drastic Step.

While Abhishek who knows all this planned together to reveal the real murderer of Rinki and also truth of Ashok’s intentions.Shagun pretended to die and Abhishek tells he will take her dead body to hospital,avoiding others to come with him,which is how Shagun went under hideout.

Soon Bala’s mom will spot Shagun in Burqa and will be shocked to see her.She comes to Bhalla House and tells Ishita who will be shocked and tries to stop her.But as Bala’s mom learns Ishita and Shagun’s plan from Ishita she decides to reveal to family but Ishita tells about a Family Member in Bhalla House is involved with Ashok which shocks her.

But Bala’s mom is not convinced with Ghost Drama and fake death,but Ishita tells Raman’s life is important to her and not that truth of Ghost.She finally convinces and stops her.But will Ishita able to find the family member involved with Ashok ?

It is to be watched if Ashok is using that family member’s secret and threatning to take Raman’s life in order to hide secret.

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