Arzoo tries to tells family about Zeenat being out of Coma but fails in ‘Humsafars’


In coming episodes of Humsafars,Rubina’s murder case investigation is going on and Vikram Singh Rathore will be investigating the case making everyone nervous in the family.While Arzoo refuses to believe Rubina’s murder as Superstition belief and decides to prove it herself.

Arzoo soon sees some reflections in house and gets scared,later shocked to found a lady sleeping in her bed and wonders who might have entered her room and goes near her when the lady holds her hand,Arzoo is shell shocked to see and runs out panicking and informs Sahir about this.

All rush to find that the lady is none other than Zeenat who was in coma state from years.Kurti Apa rushes to her and finds she is still in Coma and blames Arzoo for trying to frame Zeenat when Arzoo explains that Zeenat holded her hand and how can she be in Coma.But Kurti Apa tells her to stop lying.

Sahir soon calls the doctor informing about Zeenat and Doctor tells checks her state and informs there is no possibility of Zeenat being out of Coma and declares she is in Coma.Alvira wonders when Zaki was bringing Zeenat home she went missing and how can she be in the house and all wonder.

As per souces It is the plan of Kurti Apa and Zeenat to throw Arzoo out of the house and Zeenat who recently came out of coma learns of Sahir and Arzoo’s marriage and decides to separate them to have Sahir in her life.But will Arzoo learn the real truth of Sahir and Zeenat’s marriage ?

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