Anjali to take Devaki’s soul trapped doll in ‘Sasural Simar Ka’

Anjali to take Devaki's soul trapped doll in 'Sasural Simar Ka'

Coming episodes Swara is arrested by the police against the complaint by Ragini. Swara tells Simar that someone from the house has attacked Ragini. Simar enters the storeroom to find the truth.

Prem is anxiously waiting for Simar. Simar reaches home and everyone is happy to see her. Sid and Prem surprise Roli and Simar by planning a holiday.Simar tells Devika that Anjali will also help her to make the statue. Simar is busy making the statue while Anjali is looking around the house. Simar gets exhausted and Devika is enjoying the sight.

Simar and Anjali leave from Devika’s house. Devika realises that Anjali took the doll in which she had trapped Devika’s soul. Simar and Prem are upset with Anjali for taking the doll.

Otherside Mataji tells Roli to convince Jhanvi to give Anurag another chance. Prem sends a professional sculptor to help Devika make the statue, which upsets Devika.

Will Simar get to know Devika’s truth ?

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