Anita to make Leela dance ,Yuvi to point gun to Surjeet in ‘Tashan E Ishq’

Anita to make Leela dance ,Yuvi to point gun to Surjeet in 'Tashan E Ishq'

In coming episodes of Tashan E Ishq,Surjeet goes against families wishes and annnounces his engagement with Anita.While Surjeet truly falls for Anita,but Anita’s plan is to only destory Leela and Twinkle.

On the day of the engagement, Anita humiliates Leela by making her dance in front of the guests. Twinkle and the entire family are shocked by her behaviour. However, Kunj comes to Leela’s rescue and saves her from further humiliation.

Yuvi enters the engagement venue and points a gun at Surjeet. However, Anita comes in between and tries to stop Yuvi but gets hurt.Yuvi will be shocked to see her mother hurt and agrees for their relationship.Further Bebe decides to keep Kunj and Twinkle away from all these tensions and sends them on Honeymoon.

Frustrated to hear this Yuvi decides to follow them and kill Kunj and force Twinkle with him.We hear viewers will get to see high end drama and also growing romance between Kunj and Twinkle who will be slowly getting close to eachother.The more Yuvi will try to separate them,destiny and fate will be seen bringing them much closer to eachother.

However with Yuvi’s attempt to kill Kunj,how will Twinkle save him and send Yuvi behind bars ? How will Kunj and Twinkle stops Anita’s marriage with Surjeet ?

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