Anamika to trouble jeet and Rano

Anamika, on Sony Entertainment Television, is witnessing the togetherness of Rano (Annie Gill) and Jeet (Mudit Nayar).

But not for long!  Soon, there will be an intense drama as all will not be well in their lives in the upcoming episodes.

Our source informs us that Anamika (Simran Kaur) who is back in Rano’s and Jeet’s life, wants to now teach Rano a lesson. With this move, Anamika will trouble Rano in all possible manners.

Later, Rano’s family will also learn about how Anamika is the cause of Rano and Jeet’s troublesome life.

Furthermore, Jeet’s mother will confront Anamika and they will have a verbal duel. But Anamika will be adamant and say that she loves Jeet and has feelings for him. She also goes on to divulge that she will get her love back at any cost.

Turbulent times reign the lives of Jeet and Rano.

When we contacted Simran Kaur, she said, “There are lots of drama that is to follow. As we are shooting cut-to-cut, I can’t divulge anything further.”

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