Ammaji to cut all ties with Sarla after truth revelation in ‘Mere Angne Mein’

Ammaji to cut all ties with Sarla after truth revealation in 'Mere Angne Mein'

Star Plus Show Mere Angne Mein is currently witnessing Sarla trying to get money from Ammaji for Amit by lying to them that she is dying with cancer.Ammaji with so much trouble will be trying to arrange money and Shivam’s father will be struggling to get the money.

So They decide to keep Santhi Sadhan on mortage and decides to get the amount.But Riya who gets to know the truth of Sarla will decide to expose her and will seek Rani’s help in exposing Sarla’s truth.They manage to get the proofs and expose them infront of entire family.

Ammaji will be shocked with Sarla’s lie ,however Sala denies to Riya and Rani’s proofs and tells she is dying.But Ammaji finally breaks her all ties with Sarla and we hear this high drama will bring in also real face of Sarla infront of family as how Sarla on purpose tries to marry Riya with Amit knowing she loves Shivam.

Shivam’s father will be shocked with this truth and all will be taken back with Sarla’s conspiracies.Ammaji father does all the death rituals of Sarla and throws her out of house.Will Sarla Allow Rani to enter her house ?

Will Ammaji forgive Sarla ? How will this effect Riya relationship with Family ?

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