Amita of Amita ka amit have two fathers onscreen

Amita of Amita ka amit have two fathers onscreen ,Amita (Chandni Bhagwanani) of Sony Entertainment Television’s Amita Ka Amit(Swastik Productions) has a very caring father Hemant Patel who is enacted by Jagesh Mukati. Jagesh who is unmarried is having a great time playing a father on the small screen. His inspiration to get into the skin of the character of a responsible dad has been his own brother Kaushal. He also thanks the creative team for guiding him.

Regarding his role he says, “Hemant is a very emotional guy and is a character of various shades. It is a role very close to my heart.”

It seems that Amita will be lucky to get a nice father-in-law too. Amit’s dad Kirit Shah (enacted by Hitesh Rawal) will also be a loving father figure to her. Hitesh informed us, “Kirit will treat Amita like his daughter. In fact with his help she will make her husband a better man.”

Hitesh added that he is having a nice time playing a self-made businessman who went on to become a millionaire. When asked about the viewers’ response he said, “I get many calls from my friends in Gujarat who can relate to this show which also has a Gujarati backdrop. I am optimistic that in a month our show will rock.”

Indian television which was once a women’s medium and focused mainly on female characters especially on the saas who was depicted as the monster-in-law; is gradually emphasising on the male characters too which include both the father and father-in-law.


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