Ahem tells Gopi to attend his engagement with Mansi,Meera to insult Gopi in ‘Saathiya’


In Coming Episodes of Saathiya,Gopi decides to break off ties with Ahem because she thinks that he and the girls have moved on. However, she comes to know that Ahem hasn’t really remarried and that Mansi is just a friend. She confronts Ahem about this. She accuses Ahem of still being in love with her.

Ahem is extremely angry with her. He takes her in a jeep to his house and announces that he is getting engaged to Mansi. Gopi is shocked and hurt, but she decides not to fight this. Ahem insists that she be a part of the engagement ceremony, and Gopi shockingly agrees to this.

While Meera insults Gopi in front of everyone before the ceremony starts. Gopi gives it back to Meera. Ahem is just about to go ahead with the ceremony when Koki comes and stops it.

But will Kokila be able to stop this ? Will she ask Ahem to Divorce Gopi first before Marrying Someone else ?

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